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Most companies today are unnecessarily spending hundreds perhaps even thousands of dollars each month producing, storing, retrieving and sharing documents.


DNA from Young Systems. At Young Systems, our document imaging specialists work with you to perform a company-wide assessment of your current document management and printing system.
Output Device Assessment   Evaluate makes, models and utilization of all document output devices including the number of devices being used and the age of the equipment.
Cost ASSESSMENT   To give you visibility on how much your organization is spending on copies and prints and to find a way to minimize and keep those costs under control.
Service/Support Analysis   For ongoing productivity and efficiency improvement.
workflow assessment   Evaluate document workflow and its financial and operational impact on your organization.
Once a DNA is completed, we will provide a variety of effective document management and output technology solutions tailored to your business – solutions that are easy to implement, easy to maintain and that are just plain economically smart.

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