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Vision Statement: We seek to be a fiscally healthy company whose aim is to be a positive contributor to our local and broader community in a three-fold manner: 1. By creating an area of employment that challenges and inspires employees to grow personally and professionally. 2. That our vendors and customers are elevated due to the value we bring as a business partner. 3. Out of fiscal responsibility and profitability that our company contributes actively towards social good for our fellow man.Core Values: We value…
  • Integrity – The foundation of the way we do business and relate with our business partners.  We commit to each relationship and business transaction executed with no compromise to Honesty and Accuracy.
  • Responsibility – We recognize that our business partners depend upon us for the viability of their own enterprise.  As such, it is imperative that all operations and transactions, great and small, are executed responsively, timely, efficiently and accurately.
  • Respect – We commit to treating our business partners respectfully, honoring their time and the privilege to serve their needs.
  • Education – We commit to the on-going standards of education in a technology-centric industry as so that we may provide the highest level of expertise and service to our business partners.
  • Diversity – We recognize that diversity is an essential component in the way we do business and as it directly relates to our success; both in our people, our products and solutions, as well as our customers.

What We Do... Lower Costs At Young Systems, we provide customer focused strategies and total document output and management solutions, adding value through our people, technology partners, processes, knowledge and culture. Whereas most office technology dealerships or manufacturer branches must sell you the one brand they represent, Young Systems represents multiple manufacturers and has the ability to place equipment that meets your precise requirements. When you add our purchasing power and long relationships with these manufacturers into the equation. it means Young Systems can provide the right hardware at the right price. But Young Systems doesn't stop there.

Our goal at Young Systems is to give your organization access to a full range of document imaging technologies, software solutions and support programs that increase employee productivity and control expenses. Imagine an innovative system that allows your organization to produce, distribute and store information easier and faster while significantly reducing overall expenses. At Young Systems, we say,

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