Our Vision

Our goal is to develop and sustain long-term relationships with our valued clients by getting to know their business goals and operations and within that context consult and give access to a full range of document imaging technologies, software solutions and support programs resulting in increased productivity and controlled expenses.

Core Values



The foundation of the way we do business and relate with our business partners. We commit to each relationship and business transaction executed with no compromise to Honesty and Accuracy.



We recognize that our business partners depend upon us for the viability of their own enterprise. As such, it is imperative that all operations and transactions, great and small, are executed responsively, timely, efficiently and accurately.



We commit to treating our business partners respectfully, honoring their time and the privilege to serve their needs.



We commit to the on-going standards of education in a technology-centric industry as so that we may provide the highest level of expertise and service to our business partners.



We recognize that diversity is an essential component in the way we do business and as it directly relates to our success; both in our people, our products and solutions, as well as our customers.


Bellflower Unified School District

Bellflower, CA

Young Systems provided solutions that were not only economical and cost effective, but innovative ‘think-outside-the-box’ options that assisted the district to maintain fiscal responsibility while acquiring and standardizing equipment.

Pacific Dental Services

Dir. of IT Irvine, CA

Not only have they significantly reduced our support burden, but they actively meet and work with us to see what we can do to continually control and reduce our costs. I highly recommend Young Systems and am grateful for their partnership with Pacific Dental Services.

Julian S.

Trial Lawyer with SJL Law Manhattan Beach, CA

Rarely do you find a “vendor” whom you can trust as much as Don and his group. He came recommended from a close friend, which started him off in a position of trust, but he essentially built us up from scratch. He made every recommendation, and explained them fully. I’m glad I met him as a person, but I’m even happier I met a business partner who has the same policy of doing business with clients as I do — Get the client everything they want, nothing they don’t need and save them every penny you can. Those are the clients who come back over and over.

Stacey C.

Purchasing Manager - Financial Management at Sanitation Districts Los Angeles, CA

I’ve known Donald for well over 15 years and have worked with him on several projects during that time. I can confidently say, that rarely do you find such an honest and innovative partner, who will be as committed to see your project come to fruition. He is a man of integrity, a skilled business associate, a people person who won’t let you down.

Jason I.

Huntington Beach, CA

I have had the pleasure of retaining Donald and Young Systems as a valued partner in the business of managed print services in both enterprise and SMB spaces.I have witnessed Donald’s exceptional solutions architecture – followed by flawless delivery with the highest levels of customer service. Donald is an excellent communicator and hyper-focused on data-driven analysis. By allowing Donald to educate our leaders we were able to realize cost savings of 25% to 40% ongoing. Thanks, Donald, for all you have done for me and the organizations I served. I appreciate you!

James H.

VP Sales & Partnerships, Earthware Calgary, Alberta, Canada

In my capacity as the VP of Sales for Print Audit I worked with Donald and his team as they were honing their offering. I found the Young Systems team to be extremely focused and forward thinking. They share my belief that bringing the best solution to the table for a customer first requires a true understanding of the customers needs. In order to do that you need 3 things. The ability to properly question and listen, the experience to develop a strategy based on what is learned, and the capability to implement that strategy with tools that can enable, collect and analyze the data needed to validate and prove its success. Donald and his team have these qualities in spades. I encourage you to experience their commitment to helping their customers, and it is uncommonly good.

Our goal at Young Systems is to give your organization access to a full range of document imaging technologies, software solutions and support programs that increase employee productivity and control expenses. Imagine an innovative system that allows your organization to produce, distribute and store information easier and faster while significantly reducing overall expenses.

That’s Productivity Perfected.

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