Furniture of America (FOA), a global furniture distributor, prides themselves on the ability to work with maximum efficiency. With a US-based presence of six distribution centers across the country, they process thousands of orders daily.

At the time FOA came to Young Systems, their Will Call invoices were being printed on four-part NCR (carbonless) forms on dot matrix printers. Printing on dot matrix was costly and time consuming.

FOA had engaged other consultant who had proposed digital solutions, but none were practical or could be easily integrated with their current system.

FOA’s City of Industry distribution point generates more than 2,400 pages of printed invoice documentation per day.

Young Systems had performed a workflow analysis and proposed a hybrid solution to preserve FOA’s current invoicing workflow to minimize operational disruption. Young Systems laser-focused on solving the pain point which was the slow and costly nature of dot matrix printing as well as the manual process of filing the printed invoices.

By utilizing Kyocera’s PRESCRIBE printing language, Young Systems was able to digitally convert their Will Call invoice forms which could be printed on a laser printers; which prints significantly faster, quieter, and at a much lower cost-per-page. As the need to capture/transfer wet signatures is pinnacle, each laser printer was configured with four paper drawers and loaded with laser-compatible NCR media

Today, FOA’s order processing process has improved drastically due to faster printing speeds and a streamlined administrative workflow. The cost of printing reduction is an amazing 43% resulting in an annual savings of over $20,000 per year!

Save Costs of NCR Paper with Young Systems

The cost of NCR paper versus the cost of plain paper is significant. One case of NCR paper consisting of 10 reams (500 sheets per ream) costs approximately $200.00 as compared to one case of plain paper, which costs approximately $60.00. In the course of one year, purchasing plain paper instead of NCR paper would save the company $40,000.

Document Management

Previously, invoices from the sales department were manually matched with the warehouse copy to be filed which was a process that normally took a full day.

With Young Systems’ new workflow, invoice forms are now digitized. Today, QR codes are incorporated and programmed to scan workflow in which FOA could drop a stack of documents up to 500 sheets into the scanner and the system would accurately auto-match the accounting and warehouse copy as well as identify any invoices missing a supporting pair.

Don’t count paper out. It’s still the easiest and most affordable way to get a wet ink signature.